Monday, August 17, 2009

Its time to become a hero says Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen told that it is time for English players to become a hero by performing and getting Ashes in the fifth and final Test match at Oval.

It does not matter how many centuries have been made or how many five wicket haul has been achieved, performing and winning the final test is bigger than any thing, he told in an article. He told he would visiting the team to see players smiling and get abuse from them for not playing on Thursday. He would not advise them as it is not his job.

English players should switch off TVs and radio and should concentrate on what to do in the final. They should calmly assess and try to emulate what Flintoff has done, he added. He asked the players to stand before the mirror and ask themselves, ‘do you want to become a hero and savior for England’.