Thursday, August 20, 2009

Andrew Flintoff all set to give one final punch

Some exceptional players cannot be ascertained by their statistics. They are rated as great players only because of their contributions to team victories and the game of cricket. Andrew Flintoff who is playing in fifth and final Ashes test is one such evidence. Flintoff’s contributions to England victories and cricket were very imminent.

Andrew Flintoff started his career slowly and calmly. But always displayed promise to become big. Under the noble captaincy of Michael Vaughan, he went to his peak performances, especially in Ashes 2005 in which England Ashes after 16 years. Andrew Flintoff has taken 14 wickets and scored 402 runs to script England’s Ashes victory. He declared himself that he is finest alrounders to reckon with. With his huge frame he is the crowd favorites in the likes of Ian Botham and Miller. That means he declared himself as a very prominent alrounders of the world with his effective performances.

Flintoff who is retiring from Test after Ashes series has scored 3,816 runs and 225 wickets. Flintoff revealed that he is proud to play for England and involve in victories for them. He joked that if some one asked him at the age of 20 whether he would play 70 tests for England, he could have snapped their arms.