Thursday, September 3, 2009

Matt Prior proved Bob Willis assumptions wrong

England legendary cricketer has hailed Matt Prior as ‘Dire Prior’ before the Ashes test. But Matt Prior proved him completely wrong by his brilliant performances against mighty Aussies. He proudly says that he has made selectors decision of picking him in the squad right by excelling with both bat and behind the stumps.

Prior earned recognition after scoring 115 runs at lords and also scored 61 off 42 balls only to help Andrew Flintoff to have a go on Australians. With the gloves, he has only given past 9 runs as byes comparing Braddin who has given a whopping 31.

England wicket keepers were always seen in eagle eye, but Prior cemented his place firm in this strong English side.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Andrew Flintoff gets fear of not playing again

England alrounder Andrew Flintoff fears that following an operation in his right knee might prevent him of further playing cricket. English alrounder who has retired from test cricket after recently concluded Ashes series is unable to bear any weight on his right leg for between six to eight weeks. Flintoff rehabilitation involves strapping his limb that is injured in to a machine for massive eight hours in a day.

Flintoff revealed that if the operation is not successful then he may not play again and he has to prepare for that. He further told that he finished his test career in a high and he likes to complete his with a world cup win for England.